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Warsaw Taxi – our company offering transport service for international people from all over the globe. Thousands of people visiting Poland. So, Polish Taxi becomes the first English speaking organization for foreigners in Poland. We are helping people from almost any nation as long as they speak English to reach their destination.

Taxi on time

Polish Taxi provides modern service in over 150 cities in the country. Download the Taxi online application to order for now or for later – all by touching the screen of your smartphone, even when you do not know the address where you are. Download the free Taxi application and join 15 million Poles within the Polish Taxi taxi range.

Check the advantages of the application

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Convenient payment through the application
Available to 15 million Poles
Fair prices visible in the application
Checking course integrity
The security of your data

We are in over 150 Polish cities

  • Polish Taxi Warsaw
  • Taxi Kraków
  • Our Taxi in Wrocław
  • Taxi Poznan
  • Tri-City Taxi
  • New: Taxi in Lublin
  • We are moving to help within Taxis Łódź
  • Very Soon Taxi Rzeszów

Quite recently it was necessary to stand in a queue for a taxi, later it became possible to catch a taxi in the street, reaching out with a raised thumb. Today, you can still order a taxi with your thumb, touching the screen of your smartphone, and the Polish Taxi website is used for this. Why is it worth having it on your phone?

The main goal of the Polish Taxi is to substitute a taxi whenever someone needs it. This was the reason for creating the largest taxi fleet in Poland. We are in every major city (including Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, Wroclaw and the Tri-City), having thousands of Polish Taxi cars, and cooperating with even more drivers in local corporations. The probability that a driver from the Taxi application will come for you is much higher than in the case of any taxi source choosing a driver only within its own organization.

When you need a ride, turn on the app, click and in a moment the driver is coming to you. You don’t even need to know what address you are at. On the screen you can see a map with an online taxi, you know where it is and for how much it will be, and when it comes you will get a notification. We are also offering a Vip and Business Class Services.

Avoid Traffic jams Choose Polish Taxi

During the course, you avoid traffic jams and you can take care of your thoughts – Polish Taxi works legally, use bus lanes, has entry into tourist zones, and drivers have known their cities and their specifics for years.

Each trip is recorded in history, so you have peace of mind about the fairness of the settlement. When you want to make sure it doesn’t work out too much, our customer service team will be happy to help you.

Taxi Online-Booking

BetterTaxi is an independent taxi and airport transfer online platform. We search for a reliable and cheap taxi, minicab or airport transfer offers in real-time. You can select from a range of service levels and vehicle categories in order to fit your needs and budget. Simply use the above form and you will get a price estimate for a tariff regulated taxi and a quote for fixed price transportation offers. With a few additional clicks you may then book the ride online.

Polish Taxi - We are having English Speaking Staff to serve you in Poland.

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